Why Are Textbooks So Expensive? The Comicgraphic.

May 01

College textbooks.  Discuss.

Why College Textbooks Are So Expensive - Comic - DiscussWeb-comic by DoghouseDiaries

Why Flat World Knowledge could not resist sharing this.

1) It’s well played by Raf and the DogHouse team!

2) That very scenario inspires us to do keep doing what we do.  Since 2007, we’ve been turning the college textbook industry upside down and right side up by curating and publishing college textbooks by expert authors.  Use a textbook across all of your digital devices and in print without suffering from massive sticker shock.  Eh-ver.  Professor, you are welcome to customize content and make any of our textbooks your own with MIYO.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, we have to ask…

What do you want to do to your #collegetextbooks?

Express yourself by 5/7 at > http://bit.ly/IuxCPA

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Founded in 2007, Flat World Knowledge is the world's largest commercial publisher of college textbooks by expert authors that faculty can personalize down to the word level. We are proud to be the learning company that is increasing access to content, dramatically lowering student costs, and personalizing learning worldwide.

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