4 Tips for Students Taking Online Classes

Mar 04

Online Learning Tips

A 2012 study from Babson Survey Research Group estimates that more than 6.7 million students are now taking at least one online course. Although we may understand how the typical class works, the online classroom and technology present a new set of variables and challenges.

On his blog, Richard G. Jones, Jr., author of Communication in the Real World, offers some tips for getting the most out of online classes.

Tips for Students in Online Classes:

1. Schedule a time to do your online class work that works for your schedule and stick to it. Make sure that the time spent engaged directly with the course at least equals the amount a regular class would meet, typically about three hours a week for a sixteen-week semester. This doesn’t include homework and study time, which will also need to be scheduled in.
2. Since technology is the primary channel for your learning, plan ahead for how you will deal with technology failures. Identify an additional place where you can access the Internet if necessary. Keep all your course documents backed up on a thumb drive so you can do course work “on the go” on computers other than your own.
3. Ask questions when you have them so you don’t get lost and behind.
4. Practice good “netiquette” when communicating with your instructor and classmates.

More resources for online teaching and learning can be found at the following link: http://www.eiu.edu/adulted/online_tips.php.

Have other tips for getting the most out of online learning?

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