What We Ship to Bookstores: New for August 2013!

Aug 14

What’s on Flat World’s Back to College checklist?

1. Save college students a small fortune…check.
2. Make it quick and easy for instructors to modify textbook content…check.
3. Show our bookstore friends some love…CHECK!

About that love, starting now, our Flat World Digital All Access Pass code cards, the product we ship to bookstores, will no longer be book specific.   In other words, our new code card (shown below) can be redeemed for any single title on our site.  No more book titles to keep track of.  No more rush orders for two extra cards for one particular book.  No more “Help!  I ordered the wrong version of a book!”

One card now works for any single title.  Goodbye high maintenance.  Hellooo simplicity!

Don’t forget — our books are still sold in other formats too, such as online-only access (just $19.95) and print (just $49.95); however, those latter options will continue to be available exclusively via our online student store.  That approach to inventory is one way we are able to keep our student prices insanely low.  Now, you may be thinking, “What about my students who order a print textbook but have to wait a week for it to arrive? ”  Good news: The moment a student completes their online purchase for a print book, they are also given instant access to the full online book.  No wait, no worry.

Happy back to college!



All Access Pass Cover (AAP) - Flat World Knowledge

BEFORE — We no longer ship these book specific codes but they ARE STILL valid; unused stock can be sold.



What ships to bookstores starting August 2013.  This code can be redeemed for ANY Flat World textbook!

The new AAP format allows students to redeem the code for ANY single Flat World textbook!

All Student Options

Product options available from Flat World

For more information visit our bookstore page, FAQs, or email bookstore@fwk.com.

Michelle OBrien

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Creative Marketer -- During her three years at @Flat_World, loved the customers and critics, keywords, #highered, SEO, plugins, domain authority, funnels, and driving down costs for college students. Previously worked in sales and marketing at McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Yahoo, Inc., and Pearson Education. Is on Google+

One comment

  1. David Trowbridge /

    Love the idea of the common access pass-this should really help bookstores and students, especially in situations where professors adopt different versions.

    Could we do something similar with print? Students could buy a code from their bookstores and Flat World could give digital access and send them the physical book-the right version every time with no bookstore returns. This would solve so many issues for students.

    It would also make for some very happy professors. Our students are buying digital passes because that is what they see listed at the bookstore and students don’t always know that they have a choice. We appreciate the lower cost but many of our students would perform better in class if they had a print copy. For others who do not own laptops or other devices, a digital copy is simply not useful. These students often need to buy a print copy from their bookstore so they can use financial aid.

    Applying Flat World’s new bookstore model to both the All-Access Pass and print seems like a way to make everyone happy. Very happy.

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