Oct 28


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Since 2007, Flat World has saved students more than $401 million on textbooks. Flat World publishes high-quality and affordable college textbooks, as well as provides an online platform that allows professors and institutions to customize the texts to match their courses.

The average price of a college textbook has skyrocketed to $200, hurting students pockets (and still hurting their backs). At Flat World, our digital-first approach allows us to offer our books starting at $20. So students can still access high-quality learning content, and save $180 per book!  This year alone we have saved students over $54 million.

What would you buy with $180 extra dollars?!? In the next four weeks, we want to hear from you!!!

Let us know @flat_world using #whatwouldyoubuy and check out our Facebook page . Once a week over the next month, we will pick our favorite response. The 4 winners will receive $180 towards whatever they want! (if you have ever dreamed of receiving 25 Chipotle burritos to your door, this is the contest for you).

Chipotle is a registered trademark of Chipotle Inc.  Chipotle Inc is not affiliated with Flat World Knowledge.

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About Flat World Knowledge

Founded in 2007, Flat World Knowledge is the world's largest commercial publisher of college textbooks by expert authors that faculty can personalize down to the word level. We are proud to be the learning company that is increasing access to content, dramatically lowering student costs, and personalizing learning worldwide.


  1. Melissa Steckiel /

    I would buy the following:
    -A fine ham from this place down the road.
    -Probably some gloves. It’s cold.
    -Jeans for my husband. He’s 39, but he dresses in dad jeans. It’s no good.

  2. Christian Fanning /

    I would either get a hand massage because of all the writing and typing I have done for school or I would buy a Snuggie to hibernate in until winter quarter!

  3. Esther abitia /

    I would use it for my family’s Friday night movie night. Every Friday me my husband an our kids sit and watch a movie together. It’s a big deal to us. We have pizza for dinner than an array of movie snacks laid out picnic style and watch movies all night. I could do 3 movie night complete with snacks with $180!!

  4. Tracy Brock /

    I would by my girls a trampoline for Christmas. This Christmas will be strapped because I’m attending school, so it would be nice to have a little extra to get them something they’ve been asking for, for quite a while now.

  5. Steven Edwards /

    I would help my mom with rent with that money

  6. Ameer Salman /

    By brother is waiting for a Tablet as a gift from me….

  7. Miles Steinbach /

    Since it is the holliday season, I would have to say I would use that money for presents for my 3 little ones. Especially my daughter. She really loves the new commercial that has gone viral with the 3 little girls building a Rude Goldberg device out of girl toys. So I would love to get her the educational set they offer there. The concept is great, boys are allowed to have a verity of building toys but why not girls? If you haven’t seen the video it is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpe3Up9T_g

  8. well with more and more textbooks going digital , id probably donate the extra money to education

  9. it is very essential for all .thanks to share this

  10. Forex Trading team want to says that it’s a great opportunity for all the students to do something because Flat World has saved students more than $401 million on textbooks. As a result higher education cost is so cheap now. It’s great helpful work the person who are came from a poor family & want to take an abroad education.

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